Daniel Mall

By Erika Goering,

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Technology over technique produces emotionless design.

At first glance, this quote feels like it came from the mind of a jaded veteran of 1960s design. Honestly, before I researched who Daniel Mall was, I figured he was some grumpy old man who already passed his prime. But, nope. He’s a young, contemporary dude who actually specializes in interactive media. Mostly digital. Mostly websites. (At least that’s what his portfolio shows.) Naturally, I find it interesting that such a quote could come from such a young guy who works so heavily in high-tech media. But what makes his work so well-made is not the fact that he’s using certain technologies and media. It’s well-made because he’s using basic elements of design. And he’s using them coherently. He’s putting design first and media second. It’s his wisdom and experience that makes it seem like he’s much older than he actually is.

His work focuses on clean, cohesive design, with elements of hierarchy, alignment, and the overall user experience. His projects are very easy to navigate and explore. He believes that every aspect of every project should be carefully conceptualized. And that’s what design is. It’s the practice of being careful and creative with presenting content to a viewer.

You can find out what makes Dan Mall tick at the following places:

I specifically chose a quote about technology because I wanted the medium itself to have meaning in relation to the quote. I want to show that postcards can be well-designed without being high-tech.

As I’ve said before, I greatly appreciate my time at KCAI because we’re not constantly glued to computer screens. We have to step out of our comfort zones and work with our hands from time to time. It’s the aspects of design that are span from one medium to another that really stick in my mind.


  Comments: 4

  1. Very well written! I have a good sense of the context of the quote and what was intended when it was said. It’s also very clear why you chose this quote. Nice job!

  2. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for using this quote, Erika! Don’t worry… I’m as curmudgeonly as they come!

  4. Hahahaha…. Wow. You’re awesome.