Yoga Personas

By Erika Goering,

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Sarah: The Fitness Sergeant

She sees yoga as a great way to keep a healthy body and mind. She’s certified with YogaFit, and has over 200 hours of yoga teacher training under her belt. She’s contemporary and trendy, playing popular music in her class and keeping a sense of humor. Her upbeat and vigorous class is a workout! She loves her students dearly, and is open and friendly to anyone who joins her studio.

“Yoga is first a form of exercise, second a stress reliever, third a therapeutic healer of body pain and ultimately it makes me a better person.”

Brandon: The Guru

He’s a traditionalist, with a spiritual goal. He routinely wakes up before dawn to meditate. He uses yoga as a means to ultimate enlightenment. His calm and mellow demeanor contradict his very strict, purist ways as a yoga instructor. His class is inwardly and focused, and he expects his students to be disciplined and passionate. Spirituality is the backbone of his philosophy.

“I’m looking to live in a more honest and truthful way led to my investigation into the yogic path as a way to link the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.”

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