Week 6: Wireframes & Visual Exploration

By Erika Goering,

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One-on-one mode can utilize both speech and ASL input from the Deaf/HoH user.


Group mode can also be used in a one-on-one conversation from afar, like across a long table in a conference room, for example.



Visual Exploration

This is a textured look that isn’t necessarily skeuomorphic, but it still gives a sense of depth and tactility.


I was going for a whimsical look here, but it didn’t really work out the way I had hoped. Oh well. It doesn’t feel right for this project anyway.


As I passionately talked about in a previous post, flat UI design is the way to go. It’s honest and true to digital media. It’s the practical, “no BS” approach, and it just plain feels right.

Next steps:

  • Branding!
  • Refine visual design
  • In-context shots (to show people what’s been in my head this whole time)

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