Rosedale Volunteering

By Erika Goering,

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Our volunteer work for Rosedale was to photograph interesting places around the neighborhood so they can be used for the Rosedale newsletter.

Armed with my awesome little point-and-shoot (which has the guts of an SLR, and shoots RAW files), we drove around aimlessly for an hour, stopping at a few cool places to shoot some photos. (My favorite of which being the Boulevard Drive-In, which has a really badass sign out front.)

Since the photos will be used for a grayscale newsletter, we went ahead and converted them from color to black and white, adjusting for better contrast and midtones for printing.

Overall, it was a good opportunity to discover (and re-discover) parts of Rosedale that we hadn’t seen before. I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole life, and there are still parts of it that I didn’t know existed. Rosedale has a rich history and a unique character that became evident in our photo safari.


  Comments: 2

  1. nice! thanks for doing that, erika. the photos look good.

    • Thanks! You should’ve seen us… we kinda got lost and I kept hopping out of the car to shoot random photos. It was great.