Taxonomy and Such

By Erika Goering,

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My partner and I are organizing our haiku marks by man-made or natural tools, the objects that were used to make the marks, the method in which the tool was used (rolled, stamped, etc.), and then the similarity of the shape and appearance of the marks themselves.


Natural: Ginkgo leaf: rolled into a tube: stamped: page of stamped ginkgo leaves organized by similarity

Man-made: bandana: wrinkled: stamped: page of stamped bandana marks

We are thinking about keeping the book small and using either wire-o binding or saddle stitch. (It will depend on how thick our book ends up being. If it’s thicker, we’ll go for the wire-o.)

We are also talking about possibly using a square format for our book to emphasize the meditative qualities of our haiku.


  Comments: 2

  1. Is your haiku really all that meditative? Obstacles. Obscuring. Questioning whether you can make it. Let those key words inform your classification system.

    Please share my comments with your partner.

  2. Maybe meditative isn’t the right word. Maybe it’s more contemplative.
    In either case, I was referring to the final line of the haiku, “Will I make it there?” where the narrator is wondering about an uncertain future. “There” could be a goal of any kind. Looking to an obscured sky for answers, asking no one in particular if oneself will make it to that lofty goal seems meditative/contemplative to me.