Site Outlines & Descriptions

By Erika Goering,

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  • Logo is in a traditional, expected location.
  • Slideshow showcases previous clients and work. It rotates through images automatically, but there are controls for going forward/backward in the queue.
  • Blurb has a little bit of basic info about the artist/company, while being visually attractive yet out of the way.
  • Four columns of content; each with equal dominance.
  • Navigation is linear and eye-catching (so the user knows where to go), but unobtrusive as to not interfere with the overall composition.

  •  Logo in the usual place.
  • Big quote area gives a very quick description of who they (the company) are.
  • 3-column grid has squares for content/project previews. Clicking on one of these takes the user to the project’s page.
  • Navigation is very small, light, and quiet, so the user is drawn towards other elements. However, once the user scrolls down, a new, more bold navigation bar sticks to the top of the browser window.

  •  Logo in the usual place.
  • Search bar is a tertiary element, where attention is given only when it is needed.
  • Big image gives a feel for the company’s goals and audience.
  • Large content area is for large blocks of body text.
  • Sidebar has secondary content that supplements or complements primary content.
Here’s the key to all my shades of gray and their meaning as far as hierarchy goes:


  Comments: 2

  1. Nice work. Which sites are they?

  2. 1. Either Cutler or Doejo (they’re both so similarly structured, it’s kind of a mixture of both)
    2. Electric Pulp
    3. Alpine Meadows