Color & Emotion

By Erika Goering,

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This project was pretty fun. I always wanted to name colors. In fact, I’ve done this kind of thing before in the past. On, I created a few palettes relating to my life (mostly food, really…), and I chose colors that had names that were relevant to my themes. (Because it’s fun, that’s why.)

Here’s my best ones:

Colors inspired by my neapolitan birthday cake from a couple years ago. All the colors have flavor names. (Vanilla cream, vanilla slice, strawberries & cream, chocolate cake, and chocolate tombstone.)

Coffee colors and flavor names. Because coffee keeps me alive. Yes, I have an addiction problem. So what?

Anyway, I love merging verbal language and color. They go together like a form of hybrid poetry. Illustrative color names add a layer of meaning that accentuates the meaning of the color itself.

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