Anyone Else Suddenly Craving Thin Mints?

By Erika Goering,

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One of my favorite design blogs is BrandNew. Basically, its purpose is to show recent logo redesigns/tweaks.
I find it very interesting because I love to see what people do to update and modernize pre-existing logos.

Lately, my favorite revised logo is the Girl Scouts logo. That’s why I was so eager to use it for my Color/Form class logo project.

The revision was more of an update than a full-on redesign. The silhouettes are all still there, but the hairstyle of the first girl is more contemporary and the girls have all received facelifts (more perky lips and noses) to make them look younger. The trefoil now comes down to a point at the bottom (a throwback to the first few Girl Scouts logos).

Given the choice between the two above versions of this logo, I chose the new one.

I think this was a good exercise to get me familiar with Adobe CS5. There are some things that have been moved around since CS4, so this kind of activity helps get me reacquainted with the Creative Suite.

Top: Trace with pen tool

Center: Live trace
(not too bad for default settings)

Bottom: Live trace with some manual tweaks
(I corrected some weirdness in the facial features.)

Saul Bass was the mastermind behind the original design. It’s an unwritten rule that you just don’t mess with a Saul Bass logo. He was the pimp of logo design, and we are his hoes. That’s just how it is. Deal with it.

So, when word got out that OCD did some tweaks, some people were offended at the abomination that had been committed.
But I like the new look. They’re younger girls with a bit of attitude. They look more current (albeit a bit trendy), and they capture the spirit of today’s girl scouts.

…Man, I want some cookies.

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