Branding Phase 1

By Erika Goering,

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Technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. Luckily, humans are able to adapt to this change because we drive it forward. We use technology to enhance our lives and we improve what it can do for us. This symbiotic relationship between us and our tools is becoming very interesting. It is paving the way for innovations that we’ve never thought possible before. We are starting to merge with our machines.

There’s a middle ground between reality and digital space, where more and more of our lives are starting to take place. This happy medium is a blurred, amorphous realm with infinite possibilities. At the moment, one of the greatest uses of this realm is augmented reality, where reality is overlaid with supplementary content and information to enhance the user’s experience. This window into the “middle ground” is a vital step forward in innovation.

With technology being an ever-changing medium, nothing stays the same for very long. A dynamic environment calls for an adaptive brand, focused on technology-enhanced humanity and blurring what it means to be “real.”



Design Systems: Phase 1

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