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Headers and Thoughts (and Lots of Parentheses)

By Erika Goering,

These are my 3 not-so-different headers that I’m playing with right now. What’s holding me back is the fact that I’m working within the constraints of my current blog/site theme. There’s not much I feel I can do with it, so I’m getting stuck. Big time.

If I could just move my blog into another area of my site, and just redo everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) from the ground up (leaving the root of the site free for whatever I please), I’d feel very liberated (which is why I usually do a major website overhaul every couple of years anyway; to keep from getting stale). I’m actually working on some sketches for what a possible portfolio/triple-blog would look like. (I say triple-blog because I’d want a specific place for school process, a place for MyARTS/freelance process, and a place for random thoughts and design commentary/inspiration, each in their own little area, instead of the giant blob of blog that it is right now. Yuck.)

…Although, I can’t easily move things around right now without breaking all of my RSS links, permalinks, and things like that (well, poop…).

Aside from all that, I’m really digging my EG mark/logo/doodle up there. In fact, I’m thinking about making that a major element of my shiny-new blog/portfolio/thing. (Yes, Kidwell, it’s Clarendon. And it’s feminine, darn it! Just look at those sexy curves!) And the coffee stains are starting to take a more active role now. Because I’m addicted, that’s why. (You got a problem with that??)

I apologize for all of my parenthetical sidenotes. I guess I’m just in a parenthetical mood.

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Portfolio Contents

By Erika Goering,

Web Design:

  • 2010 | HTML, CSS, WordPress PHP
  • 2009 | HTML, CSS
  • Francis Designs: 2007 | HTML, CSS
Public Art:
  • Stop (Collaboration with Davin Watne and MyARTS Youth): 2007 | 8×8′ | Inkjet print on paper
Printed Work:
  • Knowledge is Nourishment poster: 2010 | 12×18″ | Laser print on paper
  • InspiRational Lisa Strausfeld poster: 2011 | 24×36″ | Inkjet print on paper
  • Hacker//Modder magazine spreads: 2011 | 17×11″ spread, 8.5×11″ page | Laser print on paper
  • Less>More campaign book: 2011 | 11×11″ | Laser print on paper
  • 6° Could Change the World: 2011 | Approx. 27×40″ | Inkjet print on paper
  • Untitled series of 5 playful figures: 2007 | each one is 8×10″ | Inkjet print on glossy paper, framed | SOLD
  • Paradise: 2008 | 40×20″ | Inkjet print on paper, framed | SOLD? (I think I sold it a couple years ago, but I’ll have to double-check.)
  • New York Chakra series of 7 digital collages: 2009 | 11×17″ | Inkjet print on paper, framed | Some have been sold; I’ll have to see exactly which ones those were.
  • Untitled one-frame narrative with multiple Erikas: 2010 | 4×6″ | digital print on postcard
I’m sure there are other works that will be added to this list, but for now, this is what I’m most proud of.
I’m currently working on a logo and a website that will probably make this list when it’s all finished.

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Type Inspiration

By Erika Goering,


This rocks my socks because it conveys how I (and a lot of designers) feel about type. It’s got a mind and body of its own. And it must be studied to fully understand its potential.



This captures the essence of the word essence. Pretty straightforward.



Apparently, this typeface took 4 months to complete. Pretty impressive.

Misc (I don’t know what category to put these in):


Long story short, I want the type on my website to convey a feeling and have something conceptual about it, rather than just being Clarendon for Clarendon’s sake. That’s why I’m starting to get into experimental typography. It puts type into a more tactile and personal realm.

I want to push myself out of my little typographic comfort zone this semester. And I wanna be friggin’ awesome.

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My Goals for My New Portfolio

By Erika Goering,

I want to reach people who are interested in what Kansas City has to offer, while showing off my mad HTML/CSS skills. I want my portfolio to be proof that I can create an atmosphere with the web. I want people to know that I have some serious love for my digital tools.

I want to express my versatility and my passion for good design, and show off my interest in learning new things (my portfolio is kind of all over the place).

I’m thinking about organizing my work by where/why they were made. A section for school, a section for work, and a section that’s more personal.

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Bio: About Me and My Work

By Erika Goering,

About Me:

Learning Design
My goal at the moment is to take in all I can as a graphic design junior at KCAI. Before KCAI, I was mostly self-taught, and I’m slowly realizing that I taught myself some bad habits. Every class I take gives me a bit more power as a designer. I feel like I’ve finally got some of the “insider exclusives” of design in my toolbox now. It’s not just putting cool-looking stuff on a page anymore. It’s cool-looking stuff with purpose and meaning.

Working Design
I work at MyARTS, Metropolitan Youth Arts & Technology for Students. It’s an after-school program for artistic and creative high school students. In 2006, I started out as part of the first group of unpaid apprentices, and over the years, I’ve moved up the ladder and now make a living from it. I’m an Assistant Lead Artist, who runs the whole studio with the Head Lead Artist. I mentor/teach high school students everything I know (sometimes at the same time that I’m learning it myself), and it’s been a blast so far. If you want to know more about my time at MyARTS, I’ve finally started a section of my blog for it.

Living Design
My life is 24/7 design. From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, and even in my dreams, I am designing. Like any designer, I have likes and dislikes, I fall in love with certain typefaces (Bodoni, anyone?), and I have a deep hatred for Comic Sans and rainbow gradients. To legitimize my designer-ness, I belong to AIGA and the Freelancers’ Union. I hope to make some connections and partnerships with other designers in Kansas City, and help make this city more beautiful, one design at a time.

About My Work:

School Work
My work at school is my strongest. I get lots of feedback from my classmates before a project is finished. Most of the work I do right now is from school. It’s my top priority until I graduate.

Almost everything I do at MyARTS is client-driven. Whether that means client-influenced or client-controlled, I do what they want. That used to mean that my work was verbatim what they told me they wanted. I was just a means of getting there. Now, I inject my design knowledge into every client-based project. If they try to control it too much, I remind them what my job is. I’m there to DESIGN. I’m there to make decisions about the best fate for a project. I’m no longer afraid to brag about my abilities and take control of a project.

Freelance and Personal Work
My freelance and personal work is where I have the most freedom. I’m my own boss, and I can do whatever feels right. I don’t have to answer to anyone but a client. And the ones who choose freelancers are usually laid back enough to accept and trust my creative decisions.

My work overall doesn’t really have a particular style. It really is determined by the content and the purpose. It can range from quiet and reserved to elaborate and textured, to powerful and dramatic. My portfolio is currently undergoing an overhaul, where I purge my old work and showcase my new work.

I used to feel that these three worlds should remain separate, but as I grow as a designer and as a person, these categories are starting to absorb each other. My new knowledge is spilling over into every area of my work.

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