Headers and Thoughts (and Lots of Parentheses)

By Erika Goering,

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These are my 3 not-so-different headers that I’m playing with right now. What’s holding me back is the fact that I’m working within the constraints of my current blog/site theme. There’s not much I feel I can do with it, so I’m getting stuck. Big time.

If I could just move my blog into another area of my site, and just redo everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) from the ground up (leaving the root of the site free for whatever I please), I’d feel very liberated (which is why I usually do a major website overhaul every couple of years anyway; to keep from getting stale). I’m actually working on some sketches for what a possible portfolio/triple-blog would look like. (I say triple-blog because I’d want a specific place for school process, a place for MyARTS/freelance process, and a place for random thoughts and design commentary/inspiration, each in their own little area, instead of the giant blob of blog that it is right now. Yuck.)

…Although, I can’t easily move things around right now without breaking all of my RSS links, permalinks, and things like that (well, poop…).

Aside from all that, I’m really digging my EG mark/logo/doodle up there. In fact, I’m thinking about making that a major element of my shiny-new blog/portfolio/thing. (Yes, Kidwell, it’s Clarendon. And it’s feminine, darn it! Just look at those sexy curves!) And the coffee stains are starting to take a more active role now. Because I’m addicted, that’s why. (You got a problem with that??)

I apologize for all of my parenthetical sidenotes. I guess I’m just in a parenthetical mood.

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