HTML & CSS for Clients

By Erika Goering,

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Since I’m building websites for clients, and they want to learn how to maintain their own content, I should teach them some basic HTML so they don’t have to come to me with every little update request.

Problem is, I’ve never really taught HTML to anyone before. I don’t really know where to start. I’ve got lots of information in my head, but no real order to it. I have to figure out how to organize my thoughts in a somewhat linear manner for novices to understand.

So, I’m writing a book!

It’ll help me learn how to teach, it’ll help my clients figure out how their websites work, and the people in my studio will be able to learn some basic HTML.

My goal is to make it simple and lighthearted; not scary or “nerdy.” I don’t want to alienate anyone with cold, emotionless pages of code. I want to create a friendly way to isolate each element, and break it down to its most basic components in a visual way, instead of just explaining that “this is what an anchor tag does.”

I want to cater to designers and visually-thinking people, and not to the tech-savvy. So, my Design Challenge here is to make text visually understandable and usable. And non-threatening.

Here’s what it looks like so far. Colors are probably going to change, and I haven’t added any actual copy to it yet, but I think it’s starting to come along pretty well. This is a pretty quick project, with the first round of “near-final” spreads done by this time next week. I’ll probably keep refining it after that, though. And maybe even self-publish! That’d be cool.

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