Type Experiment Ideas

By Erika Goering,

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I’m thinking about doing something completely unlike me. Analog, temporal, environmental, and out of my control.  (Ah! I know, right?)

I want to produce a message made out of some kind of vulnerable material, and put it in a somewhat volatile environment that will greatly affect the message by influencing and changing the material in some way over time.

I would like to try:

Building type with an edible or dissolvable substance and letting it decay or disintegrate. I want to affect the meaning of the word with how the material changes over time.

I’ve also thought about making type out of an edible or interesting organic material and allow animals/bugs/whatever to come by and eat it or take it away. I could use some sort of seeds, and maybe as an experiment, see how much of the seeds stick around to actually grow. And then see how that growth changes the message. Or if the message even exists after that.

I also thought about manifesting the power of cell phone vibrations to affect/destroy/change a delicately formed typographic message. I could tie it with social media, using a trending topic on Twitter and subscribing to it. The phone will vibrate every time someone posts about that topic, in turn disturbing my typographic message and maybe even causing the letters to fall apart. After awhile, the original message may be distorted or even lost. Perhaps saying something about how content is lost when it’s conveyed among the masses?

So, that’s where my mind’s at. I definitely don’t want to create an Adobe Illustrator script and make experiments happen that way… (Okay, I do. But I want to go analog even more.)

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