Tailored/Tailorable App Ideas for Yoga Teachers

By Erika Goering,

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Idea 1: Yoga Class Management app

  • allow yoga teachers to keep track of their class schedule
  • plan/manage yoga class curriculum
  • manage student subscriptions and take payments
  • timer to keep track of class duration and individual pose durations

Idea 2: Yoga Routine Planner

  • choose from different types of yoga (ashtanga, hatha, kundalini, bikram, vinyasa, etc.)
  • select poses and durations
  • save routines for later
  • create custom types of yoga (like “newbie yoga,” “fast & furious,” etc.)
  • gives the user something to follow during practice

Idea 3: Pose Corrector

  • augmented reality app recognizes when students have bad form
  • points out problem areas (like if a student’s back isn’t straight)
  • teaches anatomy and physical benefits of yoga
  • suggests modifications when traditional poses aren’t working (to either make the practice easier or more challenging)

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