Values & Artifacts: DIY Hacker and Blue Collar

By Erika Goering,

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DIY Hacker

  • Values
    • Pride in making a device or software better than it was before.
    • Exploit vulnerabilities or draw attention to flaws so they can be fixed.
    • Push the limits to what technology can do.
    • Open-source philosophy: Everyone should have access to view and change software (and even hardware) in the community. (Linux is a good example of this.)
    • Explore the possibilities of devices and networks by infiltrating commonly-used framework. (Like phreakers, who manipulate and explore the telephone system.)
    • Piracy (breaking copy protection and providing free copies of software or media to the community, with the philosophy that everything should be free and open.)
  • Artifacts
    • hard drive or solid-state drive
    • RAM
    • soldering iron (for hardware hacks)
    • server
    • keyboard
    • removable disk drive
    • CD, Floppy disk (removable media)
    • ethernet (cable or port)
    • USB (cable or port)
    • monitor (LCD? CRT??)
    • serial (cable, port)
    • firewire (cable, port)
    • Linux install disk

Blue Collar

  • Values
    • Appreciation and respect for hard work.
    • Good work ethic (get things done on time, and do them well.)
    • Providing for family.
    • Use what you have, and make the most of it. (Be resourceful.)
    • Don’t ever forget where you came from. (If you climb the corporate ladder, don’t forget that hard work and struggle made it happen.)
  • Artifacts
    • coffee
    • hard hat
    • tools
    • beer cans
    • country music (tangible format, like an album, tape, or CD)
    • construction site
    • factory
    • cement/concrete
    • GED, high school diploma, technical school diploma
    • overalls, denim work clothes
    • thick boots
    • pick-up truck

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