Scher Share

By Erika Goering,

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Paula Scher is on a mission, much like I am. She is trying to convey the spirit of New York City in a similar way that I am trying to reflect Kansas City in my line studies. She emulates New York’s loud, eclectic atmosphere by creating large-scale work with bold forms and contrasting color. These works stand out in the urban metropolis by being larger than life and more eye-catching than their surroundings. On a much smaller scale, I emulate Kansas City’s diverse collection of neighborhoods by using different kinds of lines that resemble the feel of those areas.

Unlike Scher, I am not advertising anything. I am merely stating what each neighborhood is and how it feels to me. I’m much more personal with my work. I want the viewer to understand how I feel about my city. I want it to be a more intimate experience than Scher’s work. Her intentions are more public, with a much larger audience, and with a more “shout it from the rooftops” feel. My work is a quiet chat over tea compared to hers.

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