Progression to Progress

By Erika Goering,

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This is how my lines have progressed. And appropriately enough, my lines here are all about progression. They are evolving and adapting to their environment.

They start out thin and become thick.

Then they go diagonal, from small dots to larger squares.

Then they become curvy and radiate out from a center point.

Then they become tilted and closer to their viewer.

Then they meet with a tree grate in Westport and live happily ever after.

When I first did the simple version of progression, I thought it was a bit obvious and literal. The lines steadily get thicker and closer together, and that’s about it. I grew to appreciate the directness of it, and it ended up working with this project the entire time. I also think it’s nice that the curved lines paired well with Westport, as it is one of the more progressive parts of town. Overall, I’m very happy with this evolution of lines.

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