Package Design Inspiration

By Erika Goering,

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Something I’ve gotten into with package design is the idea of color and pattern and texture differentiating between multiple varieties of products within the same product line. I love it because it creates a unifying theme for all of the products in the line, while still giving each product its own personality and feel.

Also, a good thing to think about in terms of usability is using texture and pattern and lightness/darkness as a backup for color-coding, for colorblind people or black & white photographs… Or other situations where color isn’t perceivable or necessary.

I’m hoping I get to use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap for this project, because there’s already a color-code established. Those colors have become symbolic of what the scents are. Peppermint is blue, tea tree is orange, lavender is… lavender… Anyway, I want to play with creating textures and personalities (and even updating/tweaking the color) for those. And, as a bonus, there are similar products within that line that have completely different shapes too! Like bar soap instead of bottled, and whatnot.


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