My Typeface

By Erika Goering,

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I’m thinking about my typeface, and I decided to relate it to something important in my life. I’m leaning towards something urban and dynamic, with a youthful feel. It’ll be my homage to MyARTS.

So, some keywords I have in mind:

  • urban
  • high school
  • youthful
  • energetic
  • attitude
  • personality
  • art/craft
  • design
  • multimedia
So, here’s some visual things I have in mind:
  • varied slope (only slightly varied. nothing too crazy)
  • combinations of round and angular shapes
  • unconventional absence (or limited use of) counters
Despite the urbanness of my typeface, I want to stay away from the whole graffiti/tagging/handwriting look. I want to allude to that and make it feel hand-rendered without it being overly so. If that makes sense. I hope it does. I want it to be more hipster than ghetto.
Something like these:
…Not to get ahead of myself, but I’d be really interested in continuing this typeface after this project is done and graded. I’d like to have various weights, ligatures, display & text versions, etc. That’d be fun.

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