My Koenig Book

By Erika Goering,

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My concept is to utilize a simple structure in an architectural way, inspired by Koenig’s work.

I chose a large landscape book to imitate the shape and scale of a Koenig house. The 13×13 grid reminds me of a floor plan (think square footage). The condensed sans-serifs imitate pillars and beams, and contrasty serifs provide a modern feel.

My system for page/section layout relies on an open, clean floor plan. While still very structured, there is lots of whitespace to contrast with the dense type, and the captions are modular and liberal.

I’m still working on a system for treating the photos, but I’m thinking about focusing on the framework of the houses and highlighting what gives the architecture strength.

13×13 grid, both pages of a spread


The first page of each section is “indented” by starting in the second column of the first page.


Subsequent pages in a section are filled with text, accented with an image, and supported by pillars of whitespace.

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