Grace Kelly

By Erika Goering,

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From my group’s presentation:

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is a 19-year-old saxophone player and vocalist with the talent and experience of a seasoned veteran. Her mother guided her to jazz music at a very young age.

Her vast list of musical influences includes Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Ella Fitzgerald, and spans a variety of genres.

She has released 7 albums, won several awards, and has played with numerous big names, such as Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., and Esperanza Spalding, to name a few. She is touring to promote her new album, Man with the Hat, where she collaborates with 80-year-old Phil Woods.

Grace Kelly is still finding her own signature style, and she has been experimenting with a more unique sound on her recent album, Grace.

Her Role with the Band

Grace Kelly makes an effort to learn many different instruments, including learning bass and drums, in order to help compose her songs.

This is important for her skills as a band leader, as her touring band members have solo careers of their own.

She plays different saxophones, and feels that they each give her a different voice to express and to bless others.

In addition to playing multiple instruments, she also sings, with a sultry tone similar to that of her alto sax.

Every note she plays is controlled and deliberate, which leads to a more reserved sound. Overall, her music has a familiar feel, reminiscent of smoky jazz clubs and dim lights.

Mood Board

Grace Kelly’s youth and femininity influence our mood board’s color palette with youthful, yet deep purples and pinks, flowing into more sophisticated and mature golds and warm hues. The board shows movement from a traditional jazz scene to an increasingly experimental future, as well as showing her own ongoing growth as a performer and musician, finding her own individual voice as she grows older.

The sunset-inspired colors are also influenced by the fact that Grace Kelly is a rising star in the jazz community and a maturing, contemporary artist who embraces current culture.

The patterns, textures, and points of light illustrate her emerging style and refined technique, while showing a syncopated, uniquely jazzy rhythm.

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