From Sow to Supper: Final Thoughts and Presentation

By Erika Goering,

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From Sow to Supper

What did we learn from this project?

We learned how to capitalize on each others strengths to maximize productivity. An example would be my fantabulous photoshop skillz, while Jumper‘s BAMF copywriting skillz and eloquent way with words made it easier to write about what we were doing in this project.

Poverty is a complex issue and there are many small nuances that must be taken into account to be sensitive to the subject and to those who are involved in it. The connotation and interpretation of words played an important role in this kind of project.

We also learned about the power of design to cause social change with the implications of what we are doing. Design is an important tool for changing the lives of many.

What would we do if we had more time to work on this project?

If we had more time with this project we would like to expand the elements that were included in the packet to also have a neighborhood watch form and a neighborhood daycare information sheet.

During our critique, it was brought up that in a project like this one it would be important to have a follow up packet that would be sent out later to reinforce the message and to also give more information that could be pertinent to community garden care and harvesting.

Lastly if we had more time we would continue to work on the imagery of the supplemental elements to gain further continuity between them. This would involve the continued mixing of vectors and photographs.

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