Final (Not Really) Infographics

By Erika Goering,

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So, even though this is technically the last version with an all-class critique, I’m still going to have to make some changes/improvements before carrying it over to my Typography project.

For example, my ethernet cable is losing its meaning now. It used to be an anchor for the dates on the timeline, but then my timeline felt heavy. Now it’s just kind of floating at the top without any connection to the timeline at all. That’s gonna change. I’ll continue playing with the placement of that ethernet cord in relation to my dates, and find a solution to that problem.

Also, I’m  continuing my battle with color. The whole thing feels a bit too light. So I need to figure out a way to make it darker/heavier. That will help things stand out from the page a bit more. Honestly, I was worried about these infographics being adjacent to blocks of black text because the black text will be too heavy in comparison. If I can beef up my infographics, I can avoid that problem before it starts.

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