Final Koenig Book

By Erika Goering,

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My Koenig book focuses on the orthogonal qualities of Koenig’s architecture. Intersecting lines and right angles give everything a sturdy, strong, modern feel. These qualities are applied to the body text by stair-stepping paragraphs and smoothly transitioning from one block of text to the other, and by slicing photographs along the same lines that those paragraphs create. Letting these things happen organically but in a controlled manner reflects the way Koenig worked with his materials.

My main goal, above all else, was to make a Koenig book and not a Goering book. I didn’t want my own preferences and style get in the way of Koenig’s style and feel. I wanted to showcase his work; not turn it into my own. There were some ups and downs to get around, with figuring out how to make a nontraditional layout work. But after trying many things and finally finding a method that worked, I feel that I finally achieved that goal.

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