Final Grace Kelly Poster and Whatnot

By Erika Goering,

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This is my final poster. The one that was chosen.

I’m still feeling like a rockstar. I can’t believe something of mine was actually chosen for a big deal like a concert! Ah!


This is the accompanying digital billboard. It was a bit odd working in such a wide format, especially translating my vertical poster to it.



This is the black & white newspaper ad. This one was a challenge because contrast is everything here. I had to actually increase the contrast by A LOT to make it clear and easy to read.



It was brought to my attention that I forgot “Quintet” after Grace Kelly’s name. Oops. Well, it’s fixed now. And it’s not interfering with the rest of the poster. So everyone’s happy. Especially me. I’m super-happy. I feel awesome.


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