Design Intervention: Sow to Reap

By Erika Goering,

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My partner and I made it our goal to target troubled neighborhoods, while not necessarily excluding anyone else.

So, we’ve got a community garden thing going on. Everyone likes gardens! The idea is that it’ll bring people in targeted neighborhoods together, and in turn, reduce crime and save money on groceries! Everyone’s happy!

We wanted to create something friendly and appealing to all ages. So we went with a vector/photographic hybrid technique. (Or, as Jamie called it, a Frankenstein method of imagemaking.)

We’re still working on our additional components, such as seed packets and recipe cards and a potluck planner. We want to take the neighborhood through the entire process of planting a garden, harvesting, cooking, and sharing the fruits of their labor.

We’re also changing the name to Sow to Supper for that reason.


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