By Erika Goering,

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iPad – Community

tap on header 
tap on the map


drag the options tab down


fill out criteria and tap the search icon


tap the top broccoli icon


tap the RSVP Now link


read comments and info

iPad – News

tap the image 
tap the article about animal shelters


after reading drag the sidebar over


tap a username to start a conversation


drag the sidebar back to the left


continue conversation

iPhone – Before You Go

tap the advanced search icon


fill out search critera


tap search button


tap Blue Nile Cafe


tap menu button


view menu

iPhone – Second Look

tap on the screen


scan product with iPhone camera


tap confirm


read company info and scroll down


fill out feedback and tap save


view alternatives

Website – Ordering Food Online

log in


click Mud Pie


click gray items to see details. add items to cart. view cart


review order confirmation

Website – Dashboard

user dashboard section 
click and drag the sidebar’s tab
click on analysis 
view your behoof info and scroll down 
view your behoof activity compared to other users

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